Show PILOU & SALENA (en)

During the evening, the dancers PILOU and SALENA will present an exceptional show


Biography Fusion Pilou and Salena

Pilou and Salena are all two dancers from different worlds, gathered around the same passion “dance”. They decided to form the Fusion duo given their very different style and the love they share with each other. The goal is to form one in life as in dance.They also evolve in the world of creation with world-renowned choreographer as well as with their own company founded in 2018.They develop their universe in duet within a community.
They are inspired by each other and have a “dance with your heart” philosophy and have an impressive track record:

  •       Dancestreet “France ô”
  •       Semi-finalist of “Got to Dance” France
  •       2nd place (finalist) at Belgium’s Got Talent
  •       1st place world cup category “dance show” federation WADF.
  •       France has an unbelievable talent
  •       6th at the IDO Show Dance European Championship.
  •       1st place at the WDC League Open World Championships Paris
  •       1st place “British Professional Invitation Exhibition” Blackpool England
  •       1st place World Open Assen Professional Exhibition Championship (Holland)