Competitors registrations and fees

Entries and Rules:

Closed ticket office. For late registration, please contact Michel Aufrère.

On line registration

       Please note, online payment fees are the buyer’s expense
To contact us: 
   – Atika BOUNOUH  +33 6 10 73 56 18
   Michel AUFRERE +33 6 08 90 38 29

Registration fees:
Competitions nr 1 to 16
• 40 € per adult couple
20 € per children couple under 16 years old
Competitions nr 17 and 18
10 € per competitor taking part in the OPEN SOLO COMPETITION
Competitions nr 19and 20
• 40 € per group taking part in the GROUP COMPETITION
Option: Airport Shuttle (BEAUVAIS / ROISSY CDG)
An Airports / Compiègne and Compiègne / Airports shuttle is provided.
Book your tickets: 20 € round trip per person
The shuttle will transport competitors from the airport to hotels. The shuttle schedule will be defined later to best match the arrival and departure times of the competitors.


Teachers wishing to accompany their couples must inform Atika BOUNOUH (free admission).


Meals: the competitors will have the possibility to take their meal at the bar on site.


NB: registration for competitions and / or obtaining paid tickets / invitations entails de facto acceptance of the “right to the images” clause below.
“Right to mage” clause:
Any participant in the 3d WDC / AL Grand Prix of the Hauts de France, registered as a competitor and / or spectator, waives all rights to the image on any pictures or videos taken at the event for the benefit of its technical organizers and Business.
The photos and videos in question may be used freely and free of charge for all the duration related to the promotion and organization of the event and for any advertising, promotional or commercial purposes deemed necessary by the organizers Technical and commercial